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Art therapy, a golden key for the child

The art therapy sessions will provide the child with: 

  • A space offering him the opportunity to express his emotions, to manage them better.

  • The way to free yourself from your suffering, your fears, your blockages

  • Better self-confidence and self-confidence.

  • Greater autonomy and stability, the child will be more peaceful.

  • Better concentration.

  • The opportunity to enrich his imagination, his personality, his creativity.

  • A better understanding, a more open look.

  • To strengthen their motor skills.  

  • ... etc.

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L'art-thérapie en cas de :

School difficulties (difficulties concentrating, learning,  Disorders Dys …) -  Language and behavior disorders  (aggressiveness or withdrawal..) - Problem of self-confidence - Enuresis,  Recurring Dreams/Nightmares - Family Difficulties  (separation, bereavement, blended family, siblings, adoption...) -  Eating disorders - Trauma (Abuse, abuse, abandonment, illness, disability)...

Processus de l'art-thérapie


Children sometimes experience situations that create visible or invisible suffering that has a significant impact on their proper development. Sometimes it is difficult or impossible for them to talk about it or to express their feelings and emotions. Behavioral, cognitive, relational and bodily disorders can then appear, accentuating the suffering of the child and those around him.

It is important to act  to help the child regain his full potential for life. A neutral, reassuring, playful space is ideal to give him all his freedom of expression.

Through creation, in the form of gentle therapy, the child will have the opportunity to be welcomed as a whole, to  to express themselves, to appease, to release their emotions, their sufferings and to transform them for a better being.  

With benevolence, as an art therapist, I welcome and accompany the child in order to help him resolve what is hindering his proper development.

"When we save a child, we save an adult".

J'accompagne les enfants et adolescents en individuel à mon cabinet à Corconne ( entre Quissac et Saint Mathieu de Tréviers) ou à domicile.

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