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Art, psychology and the body have always had an important place in my path. I bring them together today to offer better support that takes into account the whole person. 


Je ne soigne pas avec la théorie, je soigne avec qui je suis"    CG Jung

After going to school  Valencia Fine Arts I have been many years  and am still a painter. 
For 6 years, I trained as an Art therapist. I hold a University Diploma in Art Therapy and a Certificate in Applied Analytical Art Therapy.  

I am currently in  training at the European Biodynamic School of Psychology in Montpellier. (EPBE)

I have been working for fifteen years in collaboration with Marisa Ortolan : biodynamic psychocorporal therapist, in the accompaniment of groups of women. (physical, psychological and spiritual work  for a reparation of the gendered woman)  

For several years, I have been part of a continuous working group led by Alberto d'Enjoy : biodynamic psychocorporal therapist,  combining: biodynamic psycho-corporal work,  shamanic spiritual work (in connection with nature,  Drum journey, meditation) and therapeutic group dynamics.

I am also a member of the Coreopsy group  (collective of psycho-corporal therapists).

I am a member of the APPB (Professional Association of Biodynamic Psychology) 

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